Introducing Harvest Savings & Wealth Technologies


Hi, Drew Sievers here. I’m the CEO of a company that, up until this point, has been known as Trizic. However, as of today, Trizic officially becomes Harvest Savings & Wealth Technologies, or just Harvest for short.

It’s an exciting time for Harvest. We are experiencing rapid growth as we onboard many new bank clients. You’ll see that we’ve not only changed our name and logo, but also our website, social media platforms, and messaging to better reflect how we help financial institutions deliver truly integrated savings and wealth solutions.

But, our rebrand is about more than just a name change, a cool logo, and a slick new website.

The new Harvest brand more accurately reflects our commitment to helping financial institutions deliver tightly integrated savings and wealth solutions to their customers at any part of their financial journey.

Why does this matter? It matters because people don’t construct their lives to match the operating structure of their bank, i.e. a retail life and a wealth life. Rather, they see their financial life as a fluid, ongoing journey with some people starting with savings and evolving into wealth, while others start with brokerage and then grow into a trust relationship. Up until today, no company was delivering, nor even really trying to deliver, technology that seamlessly links each critical phase of a person’s financial life.

Harvest is going to change that.

To this end, we have extended our product offering, adding two new products—Goalkeeper and Signals—to our already existing digital wealth suite. Working together, these four integrated products help banks stem the annual outflow of deposits going to micro-savings, micro-investing, and traditional investment firms. The result is that banks can retain and grow deposits, drive new fee revenue, and expand their operating margins.

You can read more about the new products in the Goalkeeper and Signals sections of our website, and if you’d like to see the products in action, please contact us directly at for a demo.